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World Food Safety Day 2021 brings together the Albanian Food System Control Institutions, Sharing the Message "Safe food today for a healthy tomorrow".

9 June 2021

World Food Safety Day (WFSD) was celebrated on 7 June 2021 in Albania as all over the World aiming to draw attention and inspire actions to help prevent, detect and manage foodborne risks, thus contributing to food security, human health, economic prosperity, agriculture, access to the markets, tourism and sustainable development.

To celebrate the day and to involve all key actors in the food chain institutions, the Food Safety Project together with the Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development (MoARD), National Food Authority (NFA), Food Safety and Veterinary Institute (FSVI) and National Veterinary and Plant Protection Authority (NVPPA) cooperated to share and reinforce the message that ‘food safety is everyone’s business.’

Minister of Agriculture & Rural Development, Mrs Milva Ekonomi, Director of NFA, Mr.Bledar Skenderaj, Director of NVPPA, Mrs Tana Kika, Vice director of FSVI, Mrs Jonida Boci, together with high-level representatives and the staff of the respective institutions shared WFSD’s representational photos and key messages through their website and social media.

This year’s theme, "Safe food today for a healthy tomorrow", highlights the need of sustainable production systems to ensure the health of people, the planet and the economy in the long-term.

Food safety is a shared responsibility between governments, producers and consumers. Everyone has a role to play from farm to table to ensure the food we consume is safe and healthy. This international day is an opportunity to strengthen the efforts to reduce the risk of foodborne diseases and ensure safe food.

The Food Safety Project (“Support to food safety, veterinary and phytosanitary standards”) is funded by the European Union and implemented by a consortium led by FSAI. The implementing group also includes the Finnish Food Authority, the Irish Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine and Creative Business Solutions (CBS) in Albania.

Food Safety is Everyone's Business