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NFA, Food Business Operators and students come together for a workshop organised by the Food Safety Project to learn how to use “Guide to Food Safety Training, Level 1".

11 June 2021

30 participants made up of representatives from the National Food Authority (NFA), food businesses and students came together at the Albanian Gastronomy Academy (AGA) for training on how to use "Guide to Food Safety Training, Level 1". The workshop was organised by the Food Safety Project, a four-year programme funded by the European Union to support strengthening of food safety, veterinary and plant health systems in Albania.

Mr. Manush Kullolli, Director of Risk Communication and Monitoring at NFA delivered the welcoming speech expressing his gratitude for the support of the project in arranging such training and that NFA is in support of every initiative that supports businesses and institutions in ensuring safe food for the Albanian consumer.

The project Team Leader, Ms. Vanessa Cooling gave a presentation to demonstrate how the "Guide to Food Safety Training, Level 1" can be used by food business operators to help them develop their own training programmes. The project worked closely with NFA experts to adapt the guide for Albania. A booklet containing information on basic food safety skills “Safe Food to Go” is also available in Albanian and can be used as a training tool. Both publications are available to download from NFA’s website at: . Food business operators can use these new training aids to support their employees in learning the skills they need to practice keeping food safe.

Mr. Azbi Arapi, Director of Risk Management and Coordination of Official Controls at NFA, stated: “Such initiatives should be extended and organised more often, as there are a lack of qualified staff and technicians in Albania. Food is dynamic and the level of risk is very high. "We need constant coordination between producers and consumers".

This activity also marked the closure of the project’s activities for World Food Safety Day. The key message throughout the week was to highlight the importance of working together for food safety, from farm to table. This training workshop was an example of how NFA is engaging with food business operators to provide resources that will help them to meet their legal requirements and reinforced the message that food safety is everyone’s business.

Workshop "Guide to Food Safety Training, Level 1"