Project news

Working with NFA to strengthen risk-based inspection and sampling programme

26 October 2020

The Food Safety Project (FSP) in conjunction with Michelle Riblet, Human Resource Development expert are continuing to work with the National Food Authority (NFA) to strengthen the risk basis for allocating the number of annual planned inspections in food establishments and applying a risk model for imported food, feed, live animals and plant products entering Albania. We have also started working with NFA on improving the annual risk-based programme for taking samples in food establishments and at border control posts.

Meetings took place throughout August, September and October between FSP and NFA head office to work on all three areas. Collaboration will continue into 2021 and discussions will be expanded to include input from staff across NFA’s 12 regional offices. It is expected that outputs from this ongoing work will be incorporated into the 2022 risk-based inspection and sampling programmes.

NFA head office and FSP experts during regular meetings working to strengthen the risk-based inspection and sampling programme