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The Food Safety Project supported National Food Authority with their Campaign "Together with Children for Food Safety"

The awareness campaign "Together with Children for Food Safety" was delivered during August by the National Food Authority with the support of The Food Safety Project.

The activities took place in the districts of Vlora (Zvërnec, Pylli i Soda and Orikum), Durrës and Lezhë (Shëngjin and Tale).

About 180 children participated with a focus on encouraging young consumers to be as healthy and responsible as possible by consuming healthy products. They received information on basic elements of food safety and labelling and how they can put this into practice, such as washing hands properly and reading product labels to find out important details such as the expiry date, storage conditions and the presence of food allergens.

Specially designed interactive games and coloring flyers inspired children to discuss food safety issues as specialists from the National Food Authority explained to them how to be healthy consumers.

Campaign "Together with Children for Food Safety"