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Supporting Albania's Fishery Sector for Continued EU Market Access

Albania’s fishery sector plays a key role from a socio-economic point of view as it is a significant source of jobs in coastal and remote areas. Export volumes of fisheries products continue to grow and is a key commodity for Albania in terms of trade within the EU market. Albania has now 31 approved fish establishments which supply into the EU.

Key to continued access to the EU market and expansion of international trade is maintenance of a robust official control system in parallel with compliance by industry to food safety standards.

To support the strengthening of official inspectors within Albania, the Food Safety Project continues to train inspectors from the National Food Authority in their assessment of food safety management systems within the fishery sector.

On 28 and 29 September, Michelle Riblet, supported the Food Safety Project with delivery of training in the regions of Durres and Vlora, key regions for aquaculture and fish processing. Many thanks to Koral Fish, Durres and Alb-Adriatico, Vlore for use of their facilities in this training.