Project news

Launch of centralized learning management system for Albania’s regulatory authorities

This week, the EU funded Food Safety Project (FSP) together with the Albanian

School of Public Administration (ASPA) launched a centralized learning

management system hosted by ASPA to support capacity building for officials within

the Albanian authorities (namely; Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the

National Food Authority, the National Authority of Veterinary and Plant Protection

and the Food Safety and Veterinary Institute).

The FSP in collaboration with ASPA have worked to develop this centralized system

which is critical for ensuring sustainability of capacity building outputs from the FSP

following its conclusion later this year.

Team Leader Vanessa Cooling and the food safety expert, Michele Riblet facilitated

the launch held at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development which gathered

over 30 government officials.

ASPA Director of e-learning Enrriko Kapiti together with training managers Aurora

Plaku and Janela Faniko outlined the system, demonstrating the training materials

available for the key areas under Chapter 12 of the EU acquis, namely, Food Safety,

Veterinary and Phytosanitary.