COVID-19 Food Safety Project Update

30 March 2020 [SHQIP]

In response to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak, the Food Safety Project expresses its solidarity to all our colleagues and partners who are being impacted by the current public health situation.

We started implementing a project contingency plan on Thursday, 12 March 2020, and all of the project’s core national and international staff are now working remotely. All short-term international missions to Albania have been postponed at this time.

The project remains active in those areas of operation where remote working is feasible. It has rescheduled other tasks that are not possible under the current movement controls and social distancing requirements (meetings, workshops, training sessions, etc.).

We will continue to review the situation regularly and provide updates as appropriate. Our focus is to continue to operate business as usual where it is possible, whilst protecting the health of our staff and colleagues.

For any queries, please contact Team Leader Michael Parker at (English language) or Project Administrator Entela Zajmi at / 067-605-6214 (Albanian language).

More information on COVID-19 is available through the website of the Food Safety Authority of Ireland at: